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Skytide to Sponsor Content Delivery Summit

April 26th, 2012

After attending the Content Delivery Summit in New York for the past few years, we decided to up the ante and become a Gold Sponsor. It’s a very intimate, focused conference that really hones in on the issues affecting the content delivery ecosystem.

Skytide President & CEO, Michael O’Donnell will participate in a panel discussing the “CDN Economics of Build vs. Buy,” a subject that is particularly relevant given the rise of Telco CDNs (service providers that are increasingly choosing to build their own CDNs rather than purchase CDN service from a third party). The panel will address questions such as:

• What’s the best path, economically, for operators contemplating a CDN strategy?
• Build it, or rent capacity from a growing roster of third-party partner CDNs?
• What are the tradeoffs associated with CDN planning and implementation?

While there are some very compelling reasons for operators to build their own CDN solution, they would be best served to select an out-of-the-box analytics and reporting solution rather than attempt to build one from scratch. View the slideshow below to see why.